Book Post

The Book Post is an inviting, attractively arranged and interesting space with big armchairs, friendly volunteers with welcoming smiles. Browse abundant shelves overflowing with books from a wide range of genres.

The Book Post serves our community by offering good quality books for purchase at reasonable cost, with surplus stock going to Oxfam. It provides a space for folk to sit and chat, partake of some reading, or just browse the shelves.

Book Post hoursTuesday to Friday 10am – 3pm

Trading Post.

The ethos which drives our Trading Post is the reuse, recycling or repurposing of used items. We also produce good quality food stuffs and craft items which are available at very reasonable prices.

The Trading Post is run over two days (Friday and Saturday) at approximately 6 weekly intervals until November.

This service is also a great example of recycling, with low prices making it possible for people who attend to find both what they want and need at affordable costs and for those who donate to move things on to those who will use them.

Commitment to Sustainability

Lighting: In 2019, St Richard’s converted to all LED lights in the church and the hall. These emit less greenhouse gas and are part the church’s commitment to being environmentally friendly.

Waste: The church is concerned to be a good steward to the earth and avoids packaging and plastic as much as possible.

A warm place to worship

St Richard’s has been called ‘the warmest church in Adelaide’ by a previous priest, Reverend David. No need to stay away from church in winter; there are good wall heaters to keep you warm while worshipping.

Our church also has a clever design for passive air-flow in the summer as the stained glass windows can be opened at the top and bottom to let cool air in and warm air out.

Contact the church on 08 8351 8280 or use the Contact Form for more information.