2020 marks the 767th anniversary of the death of one of the great historical Bishops: St Richard of Chichester.

Information for Our Past was compiled over the years by Charles Ancell  during the 1950s and M. E. Fenton for the Lockleys Jubilee, 1976 and the St Richard’s Festival of Arts in November 1988.

Features of St Richard’s Church – built in 1964

The church architect was Sir Eric von Schramek. Von Schramek is known as a designer of 57 churches in Bavaria, NT, SA, NSW, ACT and Papua New Guinea. There is not another local architect with that large body of liturgical work. Some of them are at the age or position that they are vulnerable to development. In particular, the iconic Maughan Uniting Church in Waymouth Street was recently demolished to make way for accommodation. Most of his churches are Lutheran and Uniting churches. This was his only Anglican Church, but he always strove to learn about a denomination and embody its values in his design. 

He is an excellent example of a post-WWII talented migrant who made a new life here. Most would not know both his father and father-in-law perished in concentration camps. He finished his architecture study and his first job was in the town planning of the war-destroyed city of Nuremburg. From there, he and his wife, also a talented interior designer, moved to Darwin. He directed all the early planning of our Australian war-destroyed city. This background of trauma and loss gave him extra sensitivity to every aspect he brought to designing our church. 

The architect collaborated with his good friend, Stan Ostoja-Kotkowski to provide distinctive enamelled panels in St Richard’s.  Ostoja-Kotkowski, a Polish refugee became an important artist in South Australia in the 1960s and 70s. He was well- known for his theatrical sets; his laser works and his large mural at the old Adelaide Airport (now gone). He is an incredible artistic pioneer, much studied and admired. He worked with von Schramek on the Immanuel Lutheran chapel. IIntegral to this church, he designed and made unique porcelain enamelled panels with stylised figures of the twelve apostles and their methods of martydom on either side of the sanctuary. 

This dynamic team of architect and artist, both of them who excelled in their fields (von Schramek was also a noted commercial architect of iconic buildings) made the design of St Richard’s church a space that spoke to their European heritage, their war experiences and their sensitive artistic values.

Parish Landmarks

1926 – The first service was held on June 13th in the “Silence Room” of the Lockleys Soldiers’ Memorial Hall. Celebrated by Reverend A. L. Bulbeck of Henley Beach Parish

1927 – Land was purchased in Cross Street Lockleys March 14th

1928 – Reverend D L  Redding

1930 – Reverend H N Drummond

1930 – Reverend H.N. Drummond

1933 – Reverend M Robinson

1934 – Purchase of present church site

1936 – Reverend T T Reed

1944 – Reverend H A Williams

1946 – Reverend G Cornish

1950 – The Anglicans moved to the Lockleys School using the Luncheon Room as a meeting place

1952 – Foundation stone of hall. On December 13th, 1952. Bishop Robin laid the foundation stone of the new Church Mission Hall

1953 – The building was ready for use at Easter 1953

1956 – Name of St. Richard of Chichester adopted.  Reverend M C W Gooden. Assistants: Reverend D S Miller, Reverend G D Sibley, Reverend G H Sexton

1958 – Play on the new tennis courts commenced on Saturday, December 13th at 2pm at Lockleys Oval

1959 – Official Opening February 14th, 1959 

1960 – Netball /Tennis courts at Lockleys Oval Project

1961 – Rectory purchased at 9 Douglas Street, Lockleys

1962 – Reverend S M Bramsen. and Reverend G L Dent

1963 – Bishop Reed laid the foundation stone of “The Church of St. Richard of Chichester” on 22nd December

 1964 – Church dedicated on June 7th. To include St Athanasius Kidman Park and St Gabriel Mission, Underdale  First priest called to new district was Reverend Tom Drought 

1966 – Dedication of pipe organ

1972 – Rectory enlarged and free of debt

1976 – 50th Anniversary of first service. Jubilee Review and Booklet

1979 – Church consecrated on February 11th

1982 – Reverend David Keay

1988 –  St. Richard’s Festival of Arts presenting the beauty of Music, Floral Art and the talents of people. Wall of Remembrance

1990 – Dring Room (Office)  Kitchen  Tower Project (figure)   Porch and Entrance

1996 – Reverend Brenton James Daulby

2000 – The Tower Project (Telecommunications Transmission)

2001 – Reverend Christopher Heath

2003: Several Sudanese priests assisted Reverend Christopher Heath. This attracted many Sudanese worshippers.

2007 – Father David Covington-Groth. Vestry Alterations, Book Post Trading Table, Twilight Markets, Data Projection and Writing for the Elderly 

2014 :  Father William Deng commissioned to St Richards. This allowed Reverend Sue Burgess to finish studies before her commissioning

2014 – Reverend Sue Burgess. Pastoral Care, Sunday School Project, Outreach Programmes, Music Around Us Choir, Children’s Ministry Mission 

2014 – Patronal Festival on June 15th to celebrate the life of the Church – its past, present and future

2016 – Emmanuel Tamil Congregation

2020 – Covid-19 Era